Monday, April 12, 2021

Week 10:Part B- Developing an ENewsletter


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Friday, April 9, 2021

Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing

Email marketing can help build costumer relationships by providing them with information they want directly into their inbox. It is also easy to produce and send. You can produce an email in less than a day in an email compared to other marketing tactics. Aside from this e-newsletter is way cheaper than direct mail piece including postage costs, labels, and design work.

In my business I will choose to send an email newsletter once a week. I would probably do it every Friday giving me an opportunity to send an appreciation message to all our parents for unconditionally loving and supporting our children, the staff for all the hard work, the children for doing such an amazing job in our center during the week. I will also include in this email our upcoming activities for the following week. 

I will also include promotion sometimes, just like they will receive tuition fee discount for any referral or even for those who will leave a positive reviews on our page website, yelp, etc. I will add some relevant links to my site within my content to get my customer to engage with other great post available on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

In this week's activity, I created two Instagram posts and I as what I normally do, I shared them to my Facebook business page as well. I like how we can link our post in different social media platforms because as a busy mom, it really saves and minimizes my time.

In my business blog, vlog, posts, I love to use some of these categories: Daycare daily routine, how we set-up our center, we will show them how our daily activities from the time parents dropped off their child to the center until pick-up time. Activities and games, we will post and share lots of activities such spirit day, Science Fair, Art Fair, Summer Camp and even the games that we do that parents and viewers might find them interesting as well to do at home with their children during  weekend. Arts and Crafts, sharing step-by-step art & crafts activities is also fun. 

We will also share some recipe's of our children's favorite snacks in the center, maybe we can share them videos on preparing healthy meal or snacks for children. Lastly, we would also create an inspirational blog appreciating all the busy parents for trusting us to be their partner in loving and caring their wonderful child. 

I believe these categories will help my business grow because in this way, we can prove to them that our service is pure and we will take care and love their children seriously. 

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars


Businesses use feeling to get people buy their products and services. Through adding human interest or personal touch to your post to appeal to peoples emotions because it describes personal experiences.  With this, you are making your customer feel special. It helps customers trust to grow and changes their view on your business.

People rely on emotions rather than information, to make brand decision. If they feel valued, they'll inclined to buy your product again or use your services. As my personal experienced I always check on customer reviews or how their customers feel first before I  persuade myself to buy a certain product. 

For my future business, I would definitely apply personal touch to my post with happiness and positivity.  We'll share some behind the seen photos, vlog posts on how our day works in the center. We'll share some cool children art and crafts, etc.

We can also share some blog post appreciating  our parents and sharing some cool tips to manage their child's busy schedule at the same time encouraging them to always "Don't forget themselves" etc.

Business associated with happy customers and positivity get more chances of increase sharing and engagement.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use

I’m using #childcare, #daycare, #earlyeducation, and #earlylearning. I just based these hashtags on what type of business I have, in that way this will help people search my business. Some of these hashtags are also common in most of the childcare providers, I’ve found some from the different business that I visited during our last activity.

To be honest, I wasn’t that active in my social media pages during the spring break. My apology. It wasn’t my intentioned, I was not feeling well on some days during the week but thanked God I’m feeling better now.  


My business is not real yet, as of the moment I am feeling so hesitant of posting anything on my page too. I have to be careful on the choice of photos online and make sure I won’t violate any copy rights of the original owner. I can’t also use any pictures I have from my previous work or any childcare facilities I have visited. If this business is real, I would probably take lots of pictures and videos and update my business every day.


I enjoyed and thankful for this exercise. I gained more ideas from the other businesses related to my field. I feel great that I learned about the use of Hashtags. Before, I don’t really know specifically how helpful it is for your page to be visible for other users. Lastly, using hashtags also let you know what makes your business the better choice.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

I visited some Instagram pages of the different businesses that are also related to my business field. These are few of them:

Business Name

No. of Followers



How often do they Post?/ Recent Post

 Average # of likes per post.


at least 1/day
- 22hrs ago

 31 (1.8%)


2-3 times/ week
 2hrs ago
 34  (.88%)
Buzy Kids Daycare



2-3 times a week/
- 23hrs ago

 24 (.12%)


#Funlearning, #daycare        
2-3 times/day
-20 hrs. ago
 15 (3.5%)
B & J Wonderland DayCare



 at least 1/day
-9 hrs.ago
  51 (.88%)

Based from my research, Instagram is also a great way of expanding your business's  reach and engagement with your costumers. With this platform, any one can use this marketing tool at  no cost. Instagram's social media presence currently brings to over one billion active users and because of this, a huge possibility that we you can increase your business or products visibility no matter what size is your business.

Instagram makes businesses build their brand identity, trust, and credibility. Furthermore, I realized that when sharing photos and video or even IG stories, it will is also good to share behind the scenes insights or for daycares, when children are doing their activities etc.

Daycare/childcare businesses have more followers, but only has few engagement on their page. Some of the reasons maybe because daycare centers used an all in one software app that updates parents everyday about their child's activities in the center plus anybody can't just post pictures of the kids online without permission from their parents.

Some businesses on Instagram uses "Hastags". Using hastags helps increase your visibility. To be honest, I'm still undecided on what's the hastags could I use for my business that would help my business identity different and more searchable from my competitors.

Few things I've learned from this activity; it helps when you post or update your social media account at least once a day. Replying to any comment would increased the post engagement. Using "Hastags" helps develop interest in my social media accounts. Hastags also helps categorize your post for your audience and make your content viewable plus it allows you to engage with a specific community.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Week 6 Part B: Creating and Scheduling FaceBook Posts


The most important thing that we could ever do on business on our Facebook business page is to have a really clear  content marketing plan. Everything that is supposed to be happening in your Facebook page is happening for a various reason. 

Scheduling a post in Facebook business page is also a great tool to be organized. I'm so glad that I've learned to use this tool and it will surely help me, especially if I needed to do an advanced planning for my future posts.

The content on my post might not be that interesting to my viewers because I'm still learning and enhancing my skills in this kind of social media platform especially, on how to make a great post.  But I know it will help increase my Facebook post reach and engagement from my audience, the more engagement  I received on my post, the more Facebook people will show my post too and expand my reached. 

 I would love to post more on value-based content than a promotional. Either, educating, entertaining or even inspiring my audience. Like me, I am also interested in reading different educational and inspirational posts. Choosing the right content to post is also an opportunity to get more engagement of your Facebook business page.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Week 6 Part A: Engaging Your Customers - FaceBook Strategy

Here are some Facebook Pages that I Liked as my Facebook page:

City of Oceanside Public Library

Oceanside Unified School District


City of Oceanside Parks and Recreation



The Local Moms


New Parent Support Program


Fleet and Family Support Center San Diego

 San Diego Military Family Collaborative


San Diego Children's Discovery Museum

The reasons why I chose to like these  Facebook pages because I believe this is one important way to give my business an opportunity for content and social media marketing and for making other industry and other target market aware of my page. With this, it would also help increase the reach, engagement and interaction plus my business will have the competitive edge to gain more customers. 

Choosing these pages to like, gives me high hopes that one day, my business page would be visible to those who followed and liked them, aside from that, it would create a lot of potential customers to my business.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Week 5 Part B: Learning about FaceBook Data Collecting

Post Reach & Post Engagement


Post reach is important because it helps us track the number of people saw our specific post in different viewers newsfeed. For instance, if we are doing a lot of posting on Facebook but we don’t have strong “post reach” that means nobody is seeing our content that is why post engagement is also a very important. It is  one metric Facebook looks at, when to determine where to show our post in different people’s page. The more engagement also means more chance to connect to other people.

I've learned that putting a lot of effort in posting our content on our Facebook page clearly means we want more people to see it. Meaning, it is important to show reactions to our post, likes, comments, shares because these will help our post be seen by more people.Asking our family or friends to like or react to our post is a very big help for us to have strong reach. Maybe considering about doing boosting, page ads might help us get more reach and increase post engagements as well in the future.

Facebook remains one of the most important channels for marketers today and it is vital to understand what are the factors for successful Facebook business page. Facebook Insights helps us serve customers better by helping businesses understand how people engaging with our page, view metrics about our page's performance. And learn which post have the most engagements and views when audience is on Facebook.


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Monday, February 22, 2021

Week 4 Part B: Defining your Target Market


    Business Name: Little Sweethearts Daycare         

            Defining your target audience in marketing and branding is essential in growing your business demographics and psychographics way.

Understanding social media marketing is a great start for me. I know it can be overwhelming and complicated at first, but I know social media nowadays is a great help in growing my business, reach people, and achieve my business goals.

My business ideal target market is generally working parents or even one-income families that have very active daily routines.  First, Parents who are working or living closed to my business location are a great target audience for me because some parents don't want a long commute long way away from their normal travel each day.

Second, millennial parents or modern parents. We can't denied the fact that majority of childbearing population is a part of millennial generation and these people are extremely active in digital life. Refining my searching  to these specific group of people  can possible do great  things for my business.

Next, I can add my business in local directories like Yelp, that shows locals businesses along with clients' reviews. Furthermore, I can join  and become active in any local parents group in Facebook, by doing so, might give me a sense of what matters to parents locally. 

Lastly, I understand that my target audience or  parents nowadays are seeking out for child  centers who provide quality care. Little Sweethearts Daycare " The Heart of Perfect Caring" will make sure we'll provide the best curriculum and make them stay our partners in their child's development and growth. 

Week 10:Part B- Developing an ENewsletter

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